Brexit - Your questions answered

Brexit - Your questions answered

We've put together answers to some of our most frequently asked Brexit questions. If your question is not here, our friendly Customer Services Team  will be happy to help.

As a UK-based company, Stonebridge has a 'passport' which allows us to provide services across EU borders. As a result of Brexit these rights have not been secured beyond 31st December 2020 and your policy terms and conditions require us to provide you with <30/60> days' notice of cancellation.

Although we are part of the Aegon Group. Stonebridge is a separate entity and provides different products to Aegon.

After a robust selection process Embignell group emerged as the strongest organisation to purchase Stonebridge. In the Embignell group they have a European insurer, Advent Insurance PCC Ltd -UIB Cell who have the right to offer insurance cover in the EU.

Advent Insurance PCC Ltd – UIB Cell is provider of Insurance and a member of the Embignell group of companies. They are regulated in Malta by the Malta Financial Services Authority register number C52394

Regulatory rules mean we are unable to do that. Stonebridge cannot transfer your policy to a new insurer. You will need to take out a new policy with UIB Cell. They will provide replacement cover on similar terms and at the same premiums. We will make this process as simple as possible for you.

You do not have to give permission for Stonebridge to share your personal data but if you do consent, we can share the personal data we already have for you to enable UIB Cell to contact you about the new policy.

If you do not give your permission, we will not be able to transfer your personal data to UIB Cell and UIB Cell will not be able to contact you to offer you a new policy.

Whether your cover continues to be provided by Stonebridge or you take up the new policy with UIB Cell, your cover and premiums will remain the same.

If there is an UK/EU trade agreement signed or a further extension to the Brexit transition period, Stonebridge will be able to renew your cover beyond 31st December 2020 and your policy will continue to renew automatically in line with policy terms and conditions.

If this does not happen then Stonebridge can't continue to provide cover for you and your Stonebridge policy will not renew after 31st December 2020.

Our intention that Advent Insurance PCC Ltd – UIB Cell (UIB Cell) will offer you alternative cover on similar terms and premium and if you chose to accept the offer then you will have cover with UIB Cell.

However, we cannot guarantee this will be possible from 1st January 2021, so you may have a gap when you will not be covered.

As the policy had to cancel on December 31st, and you paid for a full month you were entitled to a refund of the premium paid for any cover that would be provided after that date.

Your policy continues to cover you until we tell you otherwise. If you suffer a claimable accident, then please call us or use the form on the website to contact us to let us know.

No, you won't get any money back as there is no investment value and no surrender value. You renew your policy on a monthly basis and pay for it in advance. We would have paid out for any valid claim that was made while your policy was in force.

If you are unhappy with this change, please call us or contact us using the form on this website.

We understand that your circumstances may change and you may wish to cancel your policy. Please contact our Customer Service Team. We would appreciate knowing your reasons for cancelling to ensure you are making an informed decision, and to improve our products for existing and future customers.

You will need to consent to Stonebridge sharing the personal data we hold for you on our system with UIB Cell. They will then be able to contact you with regards to a new policy.

No but we would like your consent by the 31st of December 2020 so that we can send information to you as soon as possible.

No but you will be able to take out a new policy with the UIB Cell. You are currently dealing with my claim/complaint. What will happen with that?

We will continue to deal with your claim/complaint and be in contact with you about it.

There is no change to our contact details. Please call us or use the form on the website. There is no change to the people who deal with our claims or customer service.

We will pass your personal data to UIB Cell who will contact you regarding an offer of insurance.

If you have more than one policy with Stonebridge, you will receive a letter for each policy advising you of the changes to each policy and what your options are.